Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 5: Territory Characters (part e)


Yak yak yak, that's Bonzai Yak, let's get back to the Territory characters, eh? Making that empty place inside is what happens when you boat. And even though you might want to be gone, to leave yourself at least for a while, there are always parts of your personality that don't want to disappear. That's where the Territory characters come in. They're opportunities for you to do all the things you need to do if you want to go on from the place where you are. Let go of this and get on with that, some of the characters you're bound to meet in the Territory are the parts of you that won't let go. Others are parts that are urging you onward to let yourself go and be gone. There's a level of seeing the Territory that reflects all the characters you hide inside and use to make up your personality. And if you boat out in the Territory, you'll find the characters that you meet out there are as numerous as all the islands you map.

Now let's get this straight before we get crooked, these characters of the Territory kind are a different kettle of fish altogether than the ones I've described up to now. It is sometimes true some people you meet in the Territory take on added meanings or qualities in an unconscious, natural way. Like that walrus I found outside the bar, or the baseball guys in your nearby park that made the wind and the waves. People like these, they may be acting out aspects of you, maybe they aren't, but when they do, they don't really know that they are. But Territory characters know who they are and they know who they're trying to be. Territory characters are more like roles that you and me and the other guys take on and play in a conscious way when the need to do so arises. It's an opportunity for you to choose to interact with yourself and the others, and to let the others take on a role to interact with your.

Now this might not be the easiest thing for someone like you to do right away, but some of us boaters, we've been out here for years in the Territory. And when an empty place starts to appear inside our personality it brings out a sense of responsibility. The Territory presents the opportunity, but someone like you or someone like me has to take on the role to bring these guys out and make them come alive. So if you go out sailing with an oldtime boater, don't be surprised if he disappears and drops his personality to take up a role instead of a pole.

It's one thing to see and interact with a Territory character; it's quite another to disappear and become the role yourself. It's hard to do initially, but after you've been into boating awhile, it comes about quite naturally. Boating's a way to help you see the Territory and let the Territory into the boat. Taking a role, it helps you to actually be the Territory as you let the Territory be you. The Territory is always ready to make a gesture wherever you are. But one of the ways that it gestures most strongly is when one of us boaters takes on a role with conscious intent. A role is a potential way for the Territory to express its emptiness specifically. To help this occur is a wonderful thing for anyone to do. It's wonderful too to just be there in fact when someone else disappears like that and lets the Territory through.

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