Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 5: Territory Characters (part f)


Now I've talked a bit about Pirates before and they're just the sort of characters you'll meet out in the Territory. Some are sneaky like Jake The Snake and some are sweet like Portside Sue. And if you meet The Great Pirate Chief he'll probably take your breath away as fast as he drinks your rum. That's how it is with me anyway, but maybe with you the Pirates will do something else entirely. Maybe you'll meet ones I've never seen, maybe you'll take an adventurous tack and sign on as crew for a while with a few just to get a good whiff first hand.

But the thing I want you to keep in mind is that whatever you think about Pirates the fact is they're there for everybody. There's a Pirate side inside us all, a part of our personality that works in nefarious ways. A Pirate you see in the Territory will be involved with the unconscious cargo you keep under wraps. Pirates aren't really a negative thing, there's lots to be done in an unconscious way that can only be done if you don't really know that it's going on. They move around secret, interior things, so if you have problems changing yourself, if you don't really know what you have to move to get yourself moving, ask a few of the Pirates in to do a few things for you.

Now Hags are a whole different kettle of kibble, as dry and as hard to chew. What they are isn't easy to say, they don't hang around in gangs like Pirates, mostly they roam alone. They move around in a secret way like Pirates do, but the things that they move don't belong to you or to anyone else. They move the holes in the Territory that the hidden things in your personality fall into and dissappear. Pirates and Hags, they work together even though they don't work as a team. The Pirates try to steal parts of yourself that you can't release on your own, they'll try to trade back what you don't know you need. The Hags they throw what the Pirates steal into the holes in the Territory and they bring into being the things you require. And if you talk sweet and you bring them some tea, the Hags might let you slip through a hole, or at least let you sip a potion or two that will make a Territory hole inside you.

Territory Ghosts are interesting too. They come in three kinds: the Happy, the Hungry and the Dangerous. All the Ghosts are reflections of you, each in its own certain way. Happy Ghosts have to do with emotions. They deal with both the happy and sad, and they run the whole range of the feelings between to encourage your heart to feel. Hungry Ghosts have to do with thought, they deal with all kinds of mental states and encourage your mind to think. Dangerous Ghosts have to do with action, they deal with your kinetic sense. They help you remember the ways to do and encourage your body to move. Now these three kinds of Ghosts aren't the everyday kind that you see in a ghostly way. They're very solid, more so than us and they move in quite solid ways. They're from an emptier level of the Territory and are really the Territory responding to you.

When you go out sailing in your boat, you make a gesture to the Territory, right? You open yourself in an empty way and the Ghosts that occur are a gesture to you coming back from the empty Territory. Actually though, they're more like an echo you make when you bounce your personality around in the empty space that you sail. All the Territory characters you meet could probably be thought of as Ghosts in fact. Pirates are Ghosts, Hags are too, but they're more a specific kind you see. There are Hungry Ghost Pirates and Happy Ghost ones, Hags can be dangerous and sometimes not. So if you found the Happy Ghost House, you might find a number of Pirates around as well as some Happy Hags too. If you went to the Hungry Ghost Hotel, you'd find different Pirates were hanging out there, a hungrier kind than the happy ones. And if you visited the Dangerous Ghost Hostel, more actional types of Hags and Pirates would ask you to dance in a dangerous way.

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