Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 4: Territory Characteristics (part g)


Now tunnels are holes that lead underground and open up deeper levels inside an island you've found. Secret access into the earth, but the same thing applies in an elemental way throughout the Territory. There are places to find underneath the sea that can't be seen from the surface. There are spaces up high in the sky we can't find when we walk down below. And the heart of a fire defines a hole that leads to a space that none of us know. Fire, water, earth and air, certain paths to take are there and each of these ways gives a wrong angle access to a place we all long to go. If the everyday world is a 3D place and the Territory is made of 4, then these elemental access paths are the 5D way that lead to the final 6D home.

It all has to do with geometry and extra dimensional planes. A fellow I knew explained the whole thing to me once a long time ago. He knew all the Ds and the wrong angled ways, he had a few whys and some wherefores too and he threw in some heys when things got too dense. Forget his name now and what he said I don't quite recall at all either. Still he was right, I remember that. So I've acted as if I believed it was true and it's helped me stay somewhat less confused. It's helped me see there were things to do when you want to use the access routes that take you deeper into the Territory. It's exactly like boats, only different of course cause it's not the same thing.

When you go down into underground tunnels it's useful to wear a miner's light. They're easy to make and they aren't hard to use, just tie a headband around your forehead with some kind of stone in the front. An amethyst maybe or a cab of quartz, but a good tiger eye is not too bad if you meet up with Pirates along the way. Now if you want to go under the sea, you have to be able to breath down there. So the best thing to do is to have a small bag of air along inside your pack or tied to your back or your belt. Attach a small string that you can breath through, then jump overboard and go down. If you want to fly up into the sky and walk on the clouds, tie a feather to the back of each hand and just let yourself float free. For access through fire you'll need a mask, plaster ones can be made pretty fast and they're easy to paint and decorate.

You can do things to your boat as well if you want to take a longer trip and take your crew along. A submarine is easy to make if you take some time and you think it through. Fix a half of a hoop to both poles, you can drill a few holes so it sticks in tight. Stretch some thin material across from hoop to hoop so it makes a tube over top of you and your crew. Now a cloudship's even easier to make, just get a bunch of helium balloons and tie them onto the ends of your poles. The ship'll float up just as smooth as a fish dives down under water. If you wish to come back to the ground again, just let a few go and you'll float right down. Only don't let them go or pop them all at the very same time, you'll drop like a stone and you'll smash. Paddling through the underground rivers and waterways, just tie a rock to the ends of your poles and wear your miner's headband for light so you'll know where you are and you won't miss a turn or a trick. Taking a boat into fire's not hard, just drill two holes either end of your pole and stick a few sparklers through. Gotta wear your mask as well, and it's a good idea to make a mask for the ship you're in too. Hang it onto the top of your mast or off from the middle of the bow. Even some boats in the everyday world have masks on their bows that way.

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