Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 4: Territory Characteristics (part h)


Now don't get me wrong, these access ways don't come into play every day when you sail. Most of the time the regular kind is the boating you'll do, just you and your crew and the open waves. But I wanted to give a few clues what to do when you meet these unusual places. Now it might seem strange to tie a feather to the back of your hand or wear a headband for an underground light. Nobody in the everyday world would do a thing like that you'd say. They do, they do, I'm telling you. People dress up for their jobs and hobbies all the time. Suits and ties, briefcases too, sweatbands and track suits, it's all just a gesture they make to the maps they all share. Wearing a light to go in underground, using balloons and feathers and masks, they'll help you make a gesture too, but to the Territory. They're ways to help you focus intent, they help you to act as if you believe and they give your body essential clues about how to move and what to do.

And the wonderful thing about making a gesture to the Territory, whenever you do, the Territory makes one back to you. The very fact that you put on such gear and act the way that your gear implies, it creates a hole in the way that you move. And the holier you can be that way, the more the Territory finds a way to be how it is for you. The Territory is a fluid place, it isn't just this and it isn't just that in an objective way that is separate from you, it's this way for this and that way for that. You and your crew are this and that too, what you do and how you act creates the form that informs and attracts the empty Territory. If the form you create is open and true, the Territory will play with you. And if you are open to playing too, you'll both interact in a no-minded way and dance to the music you make together. You are the Territory yourself, don't you see? You're looking out at the Territory you from the inside out and the Territory you is looking in from the outside in. So don't be shy, at least make an effort to go halfway out and meet yourself coming halfway in.

This no-self implied in the Territory can seem a bit confusing at times even though it is always so clear. But being confused isn't all that bad if you don't let it stop you from doing the things that you need to do. The main thing is to get out there and sail, no matter what happens, no matter what doesn't. Boating can be just as complicated as you want and also as simple as you need it to be. If something you see doesn't make sense at first, don't let it become a worry to you. Just boat your way through it however you can and then leave it alone for another day. Whatever it is it'll be just that, and if you don't know how to be that way yet, you will sometime later. Just keep your intent and keep sailing your ship, the access you need will eventually slip into view inside of you.

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