Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

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Chapter 3: Territory Maps (part g)


There's a very good reason the island's hills are so receptive to bands such as these. It's an ancient site of the Empty Twelve whose shadows are seen as a circle of trees. This place isn't marked on the map actually, but if you went there to look for yourself you would certainly see where it is and it isn't. It's hard to point out, it's not really there in the usual way, it's more really real than the place that it is. It's truly ancient, from time out of mind, but the time that it is is a time without space, so if you go there today or tomorrow you'll find that you'll be included inside of that yesterday yourself. Actually though for those who know that there's something not-there to see, the Empty Twelve turn up everywhere wherever you go and even wherever you don't. Still even so, it's nice to go to a place where they can't be missed.

On a more mundane note I should mention the Pirates. There's lots of them in the cliffs to the south which are full of their tunnels and secret ways. You probably know about Pirates a bit, but what people say nowadays isn't all that reliable. The Pirates I've known weren't all that bad and they weren't all that good really either. They do what they do so maybe you should keep an eye on them now and then. If the commercial guys down below by the harbour are the outside dealers and movers of goods, the Pirates above in the hills and the cliffs are the movers of things more interior. Their instincts are strong, at the base of your mind, they'll dig right in and when they're through you'll probably find that they've made a good hole. Course there are pirates and then there are Pirates so it's best if you pick and choose. But the Pirates who live on the Island Of The Empty Twelve are part of the crew of the Great Pirate Chief, so that says a lot, or not as the case may be.

When we mapped this island we spent some time trying to see what the Pirates were up to. They were up to no good which was just as well, when a Pirate is up to his neck in virtue it's time to knot it around his neck and let him swing. We managed to learn a thing or two though, and I'll tell you some later to help you know a bit more about Territory maps. But as for now let's just leave them be, and only just say that they're special features like the Harbour Master or Honeymoon Bay.

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