Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 3: Territory Maps (part h)


By the way, those Pirates we found weren't the only guys living up high in the hills. That part of the island's the hidden home of other strange bands that work in their own secret ways. They don't seem to mind being jumbled together, living there side by side and between, though some are more open than others of course, or at least they appear that way. These are the names of a few that I know: The Monday Men - 7, The Fellowship Of The Rose - 8, The Guardians Of The Secret Gate - 9, The Sisters Of Silence And Sudden Joy - 10 , The Brothers Of Mercy And Certain Woes - 11 .


Once you find an island like this and begin to map in the Territory way, all sorts of details begin to occur. It's the emptiness of the Territory expressing itself in specific form. Mapping them onto a Territory map is just a way to play with that emptiness. Now you may not see these particular details, the things that I saw might elude your view. If some day you happen to visit the Island Of The Empty Twelve the people and places might not look the same. You may look at one thing and see another, a different path with a different story might invite you to travel your own different way. Even so, when you first arrive, it's wise to act as if you believe in the map of the boaters who've been there before. Try to catch the thread of the story they've discovered there. Add to their story or find your own to add to the map yourself. If you proceed sincerely without any need for this or that, if you just accept what you see when you look, you'll find the island takes shape on its own without waiting for you to agree.

Beaches and cliffs, harbours and bays, details abound, but look away from the details you've found. Look at the island! It's one whole thing we can both agree is really there completely on it's own without any need for you or me to be what it is. Take this Island Of The Empty Twelve. Take it, please, but when you do, focus part of your seeing to see the island's shape entirely. The island is doing the same thing with you, that's how the stories arrive and derive their form.

And once you know how to boat and map in the Territory you can find your own island whenever you want. A tremendously freeing thing to do, it'll change your entire point of view. Take the island where you reside, take it, please, you don't have to hide inside anymore surrounded by walls made by everyday maps of the everyday world you've installed throughout all the years before. Use your boat to make a door, walk out and see where the sea and the shore of your island meet. You'll find beaches and harbours and stories galore! They'll all want to play and so will you, but when you do be sure to look for the entire shape your own home island makes.

Make a map of your own home island in a Territory way so you won't forget to remember the way to come home. Do a good job, it's a worthwhile thing, so choose what to use in a careful way. Pens and pencils are equally good, so long as you have a good range of colours. That way more things can be easily seen: a beach can be yellow, the level land green, rocks can be purple and I've even seen a red whirlpool now and then. Now some boaters like to sketch it all out in a free hand way, and if you do that you can easily use any old paper that comes to hand in a handy way. Me I prefer it a different way, and if you're like me then here's what to do. Get some maps of the everyday kind that they make for us all down at city hall. They're useful to use as a starting sheet for drawing the shape of the Territory. Alleys and streets can be very good clues, when you see them mapped in an overview it sometimes gives you someplace to go in the Territory. And if you draw out the Territory on top of a map of the everyday world, you can easily see how they both can be aspects of the same single thing. Form and emptiness dance the same way as the everyday world and the Territory. You and me, we can dance with them too, and a Territory map will be a help to you to see where the best chance to dance can occur.

Hey look who just came in right now. That's Seaside Sue. Haven't seen her in the Boaters Cafe for a month or two. She has lots to do with Pirates you know and there's one that she sees from time to time I'd like to find myself. Hold on a moment I'll be right back, got to see what she knows about him and what she doesn't.

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