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We're starting a theatre company this fall. Here's the letter we sent out recently to our mailing list. If you're interested in working on a North American Buddhist Theatre drop us a line at:

Sept 8, 2003

Hi Everyone,

We’ve decided to expand the theatrical side of our artistic practice to include productions of plays, and are therefore starting up The Territory Theatre Company. We are still building Territory Landscapes in the studio at 87 Wade Ave. There’s one underway now which will be open to the public in November. We will be using this landscape, The Boaters’ Café, as the stage set for various plays, some long, some short, some unusual, some even more unusual. Basically, we have in mind to start a North American Buddhist theatre. We are looking for others who are interested, or who think they might be interested, in this possibility.

Our first production in the Boaters’ Café will be The Dangerous Dinner, which is a play we’ve been experimenting with over the last year. We’ll present this at the end of November. We’re casting for the roles of Dangerous Ghosts, Guests, and Audience. Yes, some members of the audience will be cast since The Dangerous Dinner will move throughout the building, and the audience will move with them. There is room for various levels of involvement.

Our anticipated schedule is as follows:

* From now until October 11th we will hold weekly meetings in the Boaters’ Café to discuss the mandate of The Territory Theatre Company, North American Buddhist theatre in general, and the script of The Dangerous Dinner in particular. Anyone interested, give us a call in September.

* Casting for The Dangerous Dinner will be completed by Oct 11th.

* The cast of The Dangerous Dinner will rehearse weekly, stepping it up to twice weekly for the last 2 weeks of November.

* The Dangerous Dinner will be presented in the Boaters’ Café on Sat night, Nov. 29th.

* The Boaters’ Café landscape will be open to the public on Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Nov 21st through Dec 7th.

If you’re not interested in the theatrical aspect of this work, but would still like to receive an invitation to the exhibition of the landscape, please send us your email address so that we can get an invitation out to you in November.

We can be reached at 416-538-4003 (studio)

416-762-9488 (En)

416-534-5124 (Allen)

or by email at

There are pictures of the in-progress work of the Boaters’ Café on the website. Click here to see the pics

All the best to you,

En Burk and Allen Morgan 

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