Future Plans

We're Orphans so we've got lots of plans, and some of them might be worth big bucks. Here's a list of possibilities. You can click on a couple of them to find out more. Let us know what you think (our e-mail is: territory@territory.org)

Investing On The Empty Side: Our most recent grant proposal for the Boaters Cafe' branch of the Empty Bank

Paul Martin's Secret: A grant proposal for an installation in the Boaters Cafe'


Building The Bardo: Give us some bucks for our latest Territorey Landscape (a grant proposal)


The Prime Ministers' Underwear: I think that people would like to see what those politicians have been wearing underneath (a grant proposal)


Secret Shrines Of Toronto: Discover the secret Territory places of Toronto (a grant proposal)


Sailing Away With The Great Pirate Chief: A grant proposal for a still upcoming Territory Landscape.


Territory Orphans Mandala And Relic Wagon: a grant proposal for one of the corner stones of The Territory Orphans Mandala Theatre.


Garian's Mandala: a grant proposal for continuing work on the Garian's Mandala installation.


Garian's House in Maya Wood: a grant proposal for the Garian's Mandala installation.


Secret Doghouses Of Tibet: a grant proposal which finally became a feature of the Garian's Mandala territory Landscapes.


Shaggy Flower Stories: This is a book we put together describing the Territory flower essences we've made as part of our work. They're in the tradition of the Bach flower essences with pictures and stories about how each essences is made and what it might be used for.

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