The Territory Orphanage


The Territory Orphanage is only a click away, beneath and beyond the words on this page. It's a rather unusual place, it lies just outside the boundaries of the everyday world that we usually inhabit. It's hard to see initially, but once you find the access in you know it's been there all along. Everyone travels their own separate path before they arrive. It's hard to say how you found your way here, surfing the net in your own sort of way, clicking on this and linking through that, and now you have found a most curious door that marks the way in to the Territory.

Ortney and Orbit arrived here themselves in much the same way. They were walking around through the everyday world in an everyday daze when they suddenly found themselves standing outside the Territory Orphanage. The doorway invited, there was no-one nearby, so they cut the strings that bound them to the everyday world and slipped inside for a quick look around. They found it a very comfortable place with just enough space for an orphan to play undisturbed. Ortney and Orbit had realized quite a while ago that they were orphans themselves. Which shouldn't be all that surprising you know. All of us artists are orphans you see, whether or not we want to believe in the Territory. And actually if you really want to be truthful about it, everyone else is an artist too whether or not they allow themselves to be free to believe that they are. We're each of us personally connected in an intimate way without the need for anyone else to connect us up.

Now you may not know you're an orphan yourself, or maybe you do, but at least you've encountered a clue or two that this might be so, you've begun to suspect that the world isn't really the way you've been told. However it goes and whatever you feel, you might be interested in looking inside the Territory Orphanage yourself. Then again you might not. It's not for everyone (but it might be for you).

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