The Territory Orphans Give You The Business

(And hope you give them the business too)


Okay, this is Ortney talking here - Orbit, she may have something to say about the business, so keep your eyes sharp for her input later on, but as for right now I'm just going to start it off. So listen, everyone needs money and the Orphans are no exception. I mean we're really desperate so we want to give you the business. Some of it's for free, but we're hoping to put out lots of opportunities for you to actually pay us for something. Or maybe we'll trade. Maybe we'll even pay you for something, who knows, we don't, but the main thing is that the money has to flow and if you give us the business then that's okay too. Business is business. A Currency Exchange is a good thing, in fact it's one of the many Territory business opportunities we'd like to propose. Territory money isn't the same as everyday world money and what you value (and what values you) can be exchanged in an engaging way. It'll take us a while to actually get all (or even some) of our opportunities up and going, but they're all coming along someday, maybe tomorrow and maybe not. The following is a directory of Orphan Business Opportunities. The ones that are operative will have a link as part of their description (usually underlined in blue on most browsers unless you've gotten creative with the preferences section).


The Territory Thought For The Day: Ever wake up on a Monday morning with the feeling you're not really sure about what you're feeling? The Territory Thought For The Day may not help you find yourself, but it could keep whoever you aren't occupied for a while so your own true self can slip in unnoticed.


99 Moneymaking Ideas For Orphans: Usually we sell these on the street when we go out in the Mandala Wagon. But this is your lucky day (possibly) because we're giving away the business here. You too can be an Orphan and make big money. All we ask is that you give us some money back when you make your bucks on these moneymaking ideas. Some of these ideas have actually been tried! You can try one too. Are you desperate enough to let prosperity in?


Hockey Cheese - the prototype: Wow, this is really one of our best and most desperate moneymaking ideas so you can bet we aren't going to give this one away free. But we're offering a prototype prospectus sneak preview of what will be a completely unique and yet somewhat compelling product. Right now, mostly what we have is the concept, like you know, cheese in the shape of a hockey puck, black plastic covering on the outside and some kind of hard cheese on the inside, hopefully somewhat edible, but not necessarily so as the main use may be for kids to use it for playground hockey at lunchtime. Now we haven't actually made the prototype, but we do have a slogan (and after all isn't that the important part?): "Wayne Eats It". What a slogan, eh? We may have to find someone named Wayne to say this so we don't get sued, but this is your chance to get a head start on all the other investors that are sure to jump on the Hockey Cheese brandwagon once we go public. Just looking for a little start-up capital here, adventure capital, I mean this could be exactly what you've been waiting for! Interested? Of course you are, and if that's so we're certainly interested in you.


The Territory Orphan Trading Post: We're orphans and we make things all the time. Why not sell them, I mean e-commerce is the big balooza and we want a taste. We've got hanging candles (the ones we use in the Garian's Mandala installation), we've got photoboxes, we've got bark-cards (if you've been to barkland on this site you'll know what I'm talking about here), we've got fly-fobs (what's a fly-fob? Enquiring minds want to know, but we will say this - they're very tout flyer). All this and more, much more. Pay with everyday world money or make us a trade, either way you pay the postage. Are you an Orphan and have something to sell? We'll offer it up at the Trading Post and see what happens.


The Currency Exchange: Business is business. Money is money, and everyone has their own. Territory money is not the same as everyday world money and what you value (and what values you) can be exchanged in an engaging way. You show us yours and we'll show you ours and how about an exchange while we're at it. However it goes the Currency Exchange takes a small slice of the action and invests the proceeds in the Territory for you. This is Orbit's speciality. She'll have lots to say, you can bet on that.


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