Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 7: Territory Expeditions (part g)


At least that's the way that is for me. I've followed the way of the Lost Expedition time and again for years and years, and each time I do I find something new I've forgotten about how I am. And the best thing of all, there are others along and they're doing the self same thing. No matter how much you begin to remember, there's always a very strong tendency to forget it all too. But if there are others they help you wake up whenever you start to fall asleep. And when you remember something new about what you've forgotten, it's sure to be a help to someone else who's trying to remember their own self too. And at the same time you remember yourself, you remember the whole of the Lost Expedition and all the things that the group could do that was more than you and the others.

There, I hear them, they're coming this way. You can hear too if you want yourself to, there's a faint melody of chanting outside riding inside the dark ship of night, its echoes are mixed with the sound of the surf and it's coming this way.


That's bound to be the expedition coming across the bay. Not exactly the Lost Expedition, though some of them probably are in fact even though they don't know yet they are. They'll be landing in at the dock outside the Boaters Cafe very soon. Francis and me and Beau Weevil too, we're waiting for them so we can go off in the Territory to look for the Lost Expedition again. Too bad in a way, though I'm ready to go, it's just that there's more that we could say about the Lost Expedition. And the Territory too, don't forget that, it's all more or less the same thing in fact.

But that's okay, you're probably ready to go yourself and do whatever you like to do when you're in the everyday world. Still, even so, I hope you'll remember the time we spent here sitting together in the Boaters Cafe. You can come back anytime that you like now that you know that you can. The Boaters Cafe lies just inside the inbetween place where the Territory brushes against the edge of the everyday world. Who knows, you might even like to go on an expedition yourself some day. We usually leave from the Boaters Cafe, so I might just see you some other time when we go out looking for the Lost Expedition. Even if I don't, I hope you'll come back to the Boaters Cafe again. I'll tell you more stories about what we've found when we sailed around in the Territory. Next time you come bring a boat along and maybe we'll go for a sail. But don't wait for me, you can sail the sea in the Territory any time you want. Just make up a boat and go out on your own.

Look there's Francis and Beau at the door, I gotta get going before I forget; goodbye and so long, fare thee well. And listen, these things I've been telling you, they're the truth and no lie more or less in a way only don't take my word, not on any of it. I'm not some guy with a guarantee, I have no real credibility. So see what's what and what's not for yourself; you don't need me to do what you do. I'm only a boater the same as you, and if we sail the same sea together then fair wind to us both I say. I'm not really speaking at all you see, so if my words strike a cord in you and help you remember, forget about me, look out to sea, it's only the sound of the wind that you hear giving voice to the Territory.

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