Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 6: Territory Stories (part h)


Territory essences make a very good story if you want to work with the feelings you have or the motion emotions incur. Maybe you've heard of Bach's flower essences, even used them yourself in the everyday world. We've used them here too from time to time, but after a while we realized we could make our own in a similar way. Whenever we entered the Territory and started to see the world as it is, we often noticed a flower or tree that seemed to be making a gesture to us in an empty way. And because we were there in the Territory the gesture was really specific to us, it made a response to the feelings that came through our actions that day.

Lots of times it's hard to see what emotions are flowing around through yourself. The Territory sees you clearly though, it knows how you are and the way that you feel and it notices what you tend to do when you try to hold your emotions in and don't let them go. When your personality is balanced and free, feelings you have just arise naturally, then subside again and disappear. But often we're in an imbalanced state and our feelings get stuck and stay in place to block the rest of our personality. It's almost as if the hole that we have in our secret self gets stuffed up and filled with some feeling we have. More feelings come but they can't flow through, they get caught up in the pattern we've weaved all around the first feeling we couldn't set free. Say you're afraid and you can't shake free and be brave in the way that you'd like to be. So you keep your fear to plug up the hole and that makes you angry so you weave that over the fear you hold so you can't really feel how afraid you are.

Everything you need to be is already there in the Territory. The very fact that you have an imbalance will generate the response you require to balance yourself. Every sickness generates its own cure, every disaster a remedy, so if you need to be a patient then let the Territory be your doctor. Using Bach's remedies works very well, but if you want to make up your own you'll find just exactly what you need even though it might be a surprise to see what that actually is. Just wait for some flower or plant to make its presence known to you while you're out in the Territory. Pick a few flowers, use petals or leaves or whatever seems best at hand. Put them out in a bowl of water and let them stand in the sun if you can or out in the moonlight if that's when it is. Starlight works too if you want it to. The Bach guys say it's the energy of the sun that helps the vibrations go from the flower or plant to the essence bowl. But the way things work in the Territory, it's more the attentive energy you bring to the process yourself that helps the transfer occur.

After the flower has been in the bowl sufficiently, put the essence water into an eye-dropper bottle, mixed half and half with brandy. The brandy keeps it from going bad and it's also quite good to have on your shelf when an unexpected Pirate drops by. This bottle you filled is called the source essence. Drop a few drops from the source essence bottle into a bottle of water and brandy you've mixed half and half. This second bottle is now your stock for using the essence you've made. You can put a few drops from this stock bottle into a cup of water or tea. You can also make a third eye- dropper bottle with two drops of stock as the vibration key, or add more drops from other remedies if you need to be balanced in more than one way. But don't forget to take a good sip of the leftover essence that's left in your bowl after you've bottled the bulk as your source. It completes the connection you've made with the plant and it's a good opportunity to really taste the hole.

The central part of the essence story is that no physical substance is actually transferred from the plant to the remedy. It's only the essential vibration that's taken on by the water. That vibration is in the Territory too, so it's really important to notice what happens while the essence is out in the bowl. Sometimes it's good to stay right there and watch what goes on nearby to the bowl. Sometimes it's better to go for a stroll and see what happens to you instead. The point is whatever story appears, it has to do with the essence you're making. After you're home again write it down, it's surprising the things that you'll notice that way, and reading it over a few days later will often help you discover a whole new level of the remedy.

That essence bar I mentioned before, right over there where the maps are all stored; it's chock-a-block full of essence stock made in various nefarious Territory ways. Actually you've already tried some you know, I slipped a few drops in the tea you sipped when you first sat down. A taste of White Heart Peony to help you be less timid you see and a few drops of the essence called Ralph's Elixir to add a few rays of joy. Course it doesn't quite count cause you didn't know and you didn't have a chance to act as if you believed it or not. So here's what I'll do, I'll drop a few drops of an essence right now, right here on this page. See? The letters and words have moved aside to let it sink in. What that is that's the W'ai-Yun Ch'ai essence, it's good for you and you're good for it. So take a small lick with the tip of your tongue, it's just what you need. Sit for a moment and let it sink in, act as if you believe that the essence can do something true and see what that truth might be.

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