Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 6: Territory Stories (part e)


Another good story that gives you a way to find a path to travel along is to use a deck of tarot cards. Don't lay them out in some usual way, with crosses and covers and bosses and lovers, just draw a card from time to time and see what it is. After a while you'll find that the cards will find a way to spread themselves out, they'll make an arrangement in sympathy to the path you travel but can't really see. You don't want to read them the way you've been told, forget all that stuff that they say in the books and look at the stories that come through the cards. I use the Ryder deck myself, the Territory shows up in the background and colours and I don't really mind that they've done a few things on their own in the foreground as well. Fair bit of emptiness in this deck, though it still needs more if you want to let the Territory story fall out with the cards when you call them out.

Don't be afraid to improvise. A good thing to do to a tarot deck is to add a few blanks, they're like holes you see and there's usually one with the deck when it's fresh. Me, I use four in the one I have now and I bet that I'll add some other cards too just to loosen things up even more. Well maybe not blanks cause four seems enough, but why not include a whole new suit that becomes a Territory Arcana. A regular deck has 78 cards, four blanks more make it 82. So I'd say the Territory Arcana would have 17 cards in all. That means a full deck of Territory Tarot would be 99.

I'd loosen up with the way that you do your readings too. Let the cards make the spread themselves like I said before. Watch what cards fall out of the deck when it shuffles itself in your hands. In fact you yourself should just disappear if you possibly can to let the Territory through. One way to throw a good tarot spread is to throw the deck at a wall instead of just laying it out. You can't go wrong and you might just go right, it's the very best way if you like a good scramble, though I must admit it's a bit of a gamble, especially so if the wind's blowing strong, you'll be chasing those masons all day long.

The I-Ching can also be a big help if you want to see the path that you're on and keep your eyes open to the way that you're going. The good thing about the I-Ching story, you don't have to improvise as much as you do with a tarot deck. The I-Ching is pretty much empty already, it has lots of holes you can choose to fall through. And there are ways you can use it to help you sail and tell a few Territory stories as well. One thing to do with the rest of your crew is to throw an I-Ching together. If there's six of you there it works perfectly, one line each in the hexagram. That way the story isn't just for you or anyone else, it's more for the path your whole boat can sail.

Using a dowser, reading the tarot, throwing the yarrow or I-Ching coins, all three stories are very good ways to let yourself go and become the Territory. They help you keep free of your plans and ideas, they allow you to find a path to follow without making it up yourself. So whenever you're out there boating or mapping or even just searching for a nice place for napping, try out one of these stories I've told. Swinging a dowser, throwing the coins, turning the cards in a tarot deck, they're good ways to let the Territory take some responsibility. Now don't get me wrong, the Territory won't be responsible for you, it'll just help you drop the extra amount that you don't really need after all.

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