Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 5: Territory Characters (part h)


All these guys I've been telling you of, they're the sort of characters you're sure to meet and sometimes be if you boat a bit in the Territory. And you'll need to get to know them you know if there's something special you have to do or someplace important you have to go. Now I hear you saying to yourself or to me, how will I find them, where will they be, these characters must be rare to see. Don't worry. You won't have to find them, they'll find you. You can't get along without them you know and they can't get along without you.

There are probably as many roles to discover as there are islands to map. I've told you a few that we know so far and have managed to act with from time to time. We know lots more than the few I've mentioned, we're remembering new ones all the time as the need for their deeds arises. Don't be surprised if you know some yourself. There are characters you keep down inside that aren't so readily accessible to the rest of us guys, even though we could use what they know how to do. So if you discover a role that you know inside yourself when you're out there boating, let us all know even though you might not want to take on the role yourself. Even the ones you aren't all that sure you want to see in yourself. Uncomfortable roles can be very useful, their very strangeness might be just the thing to help someone else break free. Our secret selves are important to share no matter how terribly weird they might seem. We all of us got ‘em like underwear and some of us aint done a laundry in years so yours won't smell all that bad.

Look at the colour the light's taking now. The hour is turning from red to blue and the minutes and seconds are purple in hue. Beau Weevil's starting to light the lamps, she'll be putting out candles to invite the shadows to slip out and play as the day turns to night. Evening's arrived. I'll be leaving the Boaters Cafe pretty soon. Still even so there's a few more things we could say together before I go. I'm going out back to get my pack and a few other things that I'll need where I'm going. Wait for me here just a few moments longer. I'll be right back; I won't take long.

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