Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 4: Territory Characteristics (part f)


So that's how it happened. Took us a while but we finally found the way to get into the underground levels inside the island. Opened up many new spaces to explore, we found lots more tunnels and secret places we never knew existed before. And it changed the way we saw the places we already knew up on top on the surface. Some of the tunnels we found in the cliffs went all the way down through the hills to the harbour. They connected the island up differently than the paths above ground seemed to do. Sometimes an underground tunnel passed through the very same space that a surface path used. Where we were in a Territory way all depended on how we approached it. Walking one way we stayed on top, going another we went underground. Interesting too how the quality of a two-way space was exactly the same above as below. If a place on the hill coming up from the harbour had a tree or a plant that was good for a chat or a remedy, the tunnel that went through the place underground had a sense of the roots of the very same feeling.

Sometimes at night when I'm out at sea, when the waves run smooth and my mind drifts free, I like to sift through this memory of finding the tunnels inside the cliffs. It's kind of a big idea you see and it works very well wherever you are. All those tunnels were always right there under our noses and under our feet. We'd walked right over them countless times, in fact we even walked through them sometimes without really knowing the way of our going. But they were really quite easy to find finally once we knew the right point of access to take. By taking the path of that grassy tunnel we moved in a new, wrong angled way that opened up whole unknown levels of a place that we thought was completely familiar already.

Which is how it is with other things too. All the necessary information is already there wherever you are, but you may not be able to use it unless you find the way of access. The path you take is of crucial importance, the way you arrange what you have is the key. It's not just having the points of information, it's more how you move from one point to another that unlocks the levels of meaning. Ideas and emotions can work the same way. There are lots of ideas we've already received that have inside them great significance as yet undiscovered and unperceived because we lack the access we need.

Everything is possible no matter where you are, everything you'll ever need is already there. It's not a question of looking around for new ideas or meanings. They abound in abundance all around already. It's more of a question of how to explore and find the right access in. There's nothing to learn but there's something to do and it can be done from wherever you are. Me, I find this heartening. It means that everything I've done before is useful again, even though the things I was doing then didn't lead to much the first time around. What I knew was right, every bit of it, it was just that it needed a new arrangement. All that you need to find a new way is a sincere, persistent intent. If the things you see don't make any sense, if ideas you discover don't lead anywhere, if events that turn up to flow through your life appear to be dismal or just uneventful, it doesn't mean that you're stuck there at all, you merely need to find the access that leads to a whole new level. You don't even need to find a new island, just look at wrong angles wherever you are and find the secret access path that leads you further in.

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