Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 3: Territory Maps (part f)


Here's part of the map on a bigger scale to show the northern third of the island. It shows the bolt I buried that day when the Great Pirate Chief went sailing away, it's marked as 0 in case you might want to go find it yourself. Now maybe you noticed, or maybe not, but this bigger map is turned around sideways. The first map you saw had north to the top and this one has north to the inside edge. Had to do that to make it fit in, so you'll have to turn yourself sideways too if you want to keep things in trim. Could seem a bit confusing at first, but if you're like me you're probably a bit confused already I bet. Might balance you out in an accidental way and set you straight on your way again, or then again maybe not.


This seawall here is an interesting place. In the everyday world it's a grassy strip that divides one side of the street from the other. A line of trees are planted there. In the Territory though you can see it more clear, it divides the ocean from the harbour passage and keeps the waves out. The north side catches a lot of debris from the ocean sea, it's a good place to scrounge, things can be found if you have the mind and the time. The trees planted there are more than they seem. Don't know them all, but those two on the map marked 1 & 2 are lighthouses. They flash all night and in daytime too to call the ships home when they roam out at sea.

The seawall goes on about three blocks long in the everyday world. There's rows and rows of boathouses there inside on the harbour side. Don't know why they towed them there, some kind of Gypsy thing I suppose, better than Pirates but more unreliable. At least with Pirates you know when they've got you, but with these Gypsy guys you end up surprised cause they were getting you all along. The big cargo ships only go just a bit before turning on in to the harbour. There's buoys set out to mark the way in, in the everyday world they're roundabout spins to amuse the cars and annoy the drivers. That place marked 3 is where the Harbour Master lives. He hasn't been seen for years and years, might be dead or out of his head, though who can tell the difference these days. They say there's a Ghost in the garden sometimes and it might be true cause I've said it myself now and then. It all has to do with the Gypsies you see, which might be the reason for all those houseboats. Maybe they killed him or maybe his wife, or maybe they found some secret place in the whole of his heart and brought it to life. Pretty hard to say, so I'd stay away if I were you. Bring your boat in to the harbour instead of landing it at the Harbour Master's garden.

There's a large and extensive facility for the cargo ships in the harbour. Unloading docks, customs and duty and other impressive activities. That's marked with 4s on the harbour map. The bay marked 5 is where the boats tie up before and after they load and unload. Now that place marked 6 on the other side of the main facilities, that's sometimes water and sometimes not depending on the tide. When the tide's up high it's a calm lagoon for boating with sweethearts beneath the moon. When the tide runs low it's a sandy beach with a windy way that reaches inside your mind. Stars sometimes fall there and mix with the sand so the beach often sparkles with light. Some of us call it Honeymoon Bay. Some of us don't.

Along the southern edge of the harbour the land starts to rise up into hills. If you climb along the many paths there, you'll soon be high above the harbour and away from the mercantile energy the people who live down below tend to show. The people who live up amongst the hills are often more strongly individual. The higher you climb the more unique they become, less social and more their own. And if you're like me you'll probably find that what they do is closer to you than the commercial life of the harbourites. The way I see it the real work of the island goes on up high in the hills. The harbour is just a convenient screen to bring in supplies and keep the place open to certain special travellers.

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