Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 3: Territory Maps (part d)


Well it took a bit longer than I thought it would. Always does when I look in that chest. There's so many maps it's hard to choose, and looking them over it brings up memories. Lots of stories and snippets of songs of the ships and the crews I've sailed along with through times gone by. Probably took shorter for you sitting there, you
had pie to chew and the way time works in the Boaters Cafe, it's different for me than it is for you and everyone else in here too. It's the same time for all but it has such a shape that we make what we want, we each crawl inside the moment that's here and find our own way to its heart.

Course I took my time coming back as well, stopped for a spell at the essence bar to have a short snort or two. They got a supply of essences there, a lot of them special for boaters. Made some myself for times just like these when I got to be focussed particularly. Black Currant Berry, I took some of that, we made it one day in an alleyway with some water I borrowed and three special berries I picked through a spider web. Got the spider to move aside and the guy who lived there came outside and gave me an apple or two to chew. But Black Currant Berry is pretty intense, so I added another essence in too to give the brew more stability. That one is called Mr. Monday Night, a good one for looking at maps actually and I want to be seeing quite clearly you see when I start to explain things to you.

Now about these maps that I brought back, they show an island I've known a long time. I've boated there lots, others have too so the map's gotten pretty clear. We found our way there in Vancouver one day and I've left quite a bit of the everyday world so you'll see how it all corresponds. This is the Island Of The Empty Twelve and it has a prominent place in the Territory as part of the story of The Lost Expedition. Also the place where I first learned to sail, so I guess I've always been partial to its charm. No harm in that, you gotta have a home or at least a place to park your heart when the storms start to blow and there's no-place to go.


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