Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 1: Territory (part g)


The map makers miss this entirely. They insist the Territory was created somehow instead of just being there as it is. Used to be they liked to decree it was God who did the deed. But increasingly now they're inclined to state we do the creating ourselves. You've probably been told that you have to believe in your own personal map, and that if you believe sufficiently you can assert your map in such a way that others will accept and support you. In other words, most people believe that the world is created by what is projected onto it, that the map makers make the Territory. In this way, they say, we create our own destiny, we mould the world and make it fit to the shape we've decided it's best to be.

That's power and achievement the map makers say, but if you ask me I'd say it's completely insane. The moment you pretend to create the Territory (or pretend it was God or somebody else) you set yourself apart from it. That just isn't possible. You can never be separate from the Territory. There is only one thing and you are that one thing too, it's impossible to set yourself up as separate from yourself. So it must be true you aren't really there at all, anyway you look at it you just disappear. There is no self. There is no you. All that we are are just points of view that the Territory has of itself.

Now that you've disappeared a bit you might as well have some more tea. I'll refill your cup, drink it up slow, it goes down smooth when there's no you there to compare things to. Tea can be like a hole you know, it helps you sit in an empty way and we need all the help we can get some days. It's not all that easy to stay disappeared.

When you're walking through your everyday life seeing the world in the everyday way you have lots of difficulties. It's because of the maps as I was talking before, you don't really see the Territory that's around you all the time. You go to the store and you go to your job and you come home to family and friends. They're all there all right, it isn't that they don't exist. It's more that you're seeing them all in a way that's come from a map that you've chosen. You can keep on doing that if you want, but it won't bring you near to your heart. Worse, it might lead to a map of your heart and you're worse off than when you started.

At a certain point in a person's life it becomes necessary to actually see the Territory. This is even more essential for a boater because a boater needs to see real clear if he wants to go for a sail. I'm assuming now you're a boater at heart. Stands to reason I figure. You opened this book and you slipped on through to the Boaters Cafe. Got to have at least the potential. And a boater must be able to see the Territory at least just a little to head on out to sea.

Don't know about you, but as for me that's enough about the Territory, at least for the moment. Had to say a few words on it though, at least at the start to get us started, something to park in the back of your head while I tell you more practical stuff. Like boats. You'll need one. I mean look around, there's water water everywhere, everywhere you look. Once you begin to remember that's true you'll see how it is. And boats aren't the least bit tenuous at all, they're real, they're solid, they float. Actually the Territory is just as solid and even more real, but when you first try to get ahold of the thing it seems a bit hard to grasp. Not like boats. You can grab a boat in both hands right away, they're instantly practical. No matter what problem you happen to have, it can always be solved by a boat. I know. I've had problems, lots of them, and I've sailed a few boats in my day. Boats are one of the very best ways to see the Territory just as it is.

So mainly we'll mostly just talk about boats, they're absolutely key. How to make them. How to sail them. Where and when to go. We'll talk that way in a moment or two, but first I gotta go take a hike. Drinking this tea makes me want to pee. Just wait for me at my table here and don't let no-one else sit down. I'll be right back.

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