Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 1: Territory (part d)


Can you smell it? The tea I mean, it's brewing up nice. The fragrance is subtle, it gives a slight tingle that wriggles its way to the nape of the neck. Course it's not all that easy to smell it right now, there's a fair whiffy bunch at that table over there, their bouquet kind of gets in the way. Pirates I'd say, they smell like the sea and a whole lot more. Doing some trade with a bit of booty. Take a good look, you can almost see what they've got out on the table. Nope, guess not, they just put it away. Getting up from the table now too and heading on out through the door.

Did you catch a glimpse of the scene outside? Couple of boats that are moored to the dock, the cobblestone rockway that leads to the door? Well maybe not, it's hard to see much initially when you first sit down in the Boaters Cafe. If you missed the sight outside don't worry, I guarantee you'll see it someday when you have a boat and you know some more about the Territory. There's an ocean out there, take my word. I sailed it enough to know that it's there. I think you must've heard it though, when the wind blew it in through the open door. Or at least the gull, you must've heard that, you can still hear it now even though the door's shut, kind of faint and far away. Here, have some tea, it's White Peony, I'll pour you a cup, you just sip it right up while I tell you more about the Territory.

The Territory is all one thing, it's everything, wherever you are it is always right there. But the Territory is so completely there it's easy to miss it completely. When you try to look at the world all around you, it's hard to see big. The world seems to be made of little things, lots and lots of them everywhere and the more you look the more there are. This thing and that, a moustache, a hat, this table here where we're sitting now, that cushion there that you sit yourself on. All you can see when you look all around are these small separate things. But the thing of it is, you can't really see the whole Territory these things are a part of. Still even so, even though you can't see it, you know that the Territory really is there, completely right there in a very big way, constantly changing and moving and doing and being its being despite what you're seeing or not. But what is it? (what is?)(what?)(?).

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