Steven Skolka & Tyler Toews Murals~~Spectra Artworks ~~

Spectra Artworks has been creating quality murals throughout BC since 2000. We have completed several outdoor and indoor murals. Including theme rooms,pool rooms and other specailty murals. These range in size up to nearly 1000 square feet.

We take a fine art approach and can create a variety of styles to suit the clients needs. Our murals create a unique ambiance and can create any mood or atmosphere. Many of the images in our murals and commisioned paintings are caught by our cameras . We then encorporate these photos with many diffrent patterns reflecting the elements in a natural outdoor setting.

We price our paintings by factoring in many diffrent variables such as; level of detail, square footage, and material costs. if you would like to add some personality to your home or buisness contact us at (250) 354-7769 or write us

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