SIDEWINDER oil/panel 10” x 12” 2000


For the past fifteen years, painter Richard Mongiat has been making and unmaking paintings, taking apart and studying the components like a mechanic carefully disassembling and reassembling the engine of a car. In his new series of work “Open Sea” at Loop, Mongiat has gotten down to the nuts and bolts of painting.

A collection of small scale panels, dense and compact, these powerful works convey a sureness and clarity of a painter who has earned command of every component. The abstract images are on the cusp of representation bringing to mind building and plumbing supplies that have been roughed into perfectly engineered spaces. The objects and ground constructed in 70’s Rubbermaid colours are painted in equally dense chunks creating form next to form.

In “Tractorlips”, a tub shape sits in the centre of the composition as if in the middle of a bathroom not yet surrounded by walls. In “Grinder” the forms suggest a workspace with a desk lamp that has just been jostled by the vacuuming of the room. The brush strokes vary in immediacy but consistently structure the area in two and three inch swathes of pigment.

In the current evolution of Mongiat’s work, gone are the exterior assemblages of distressed wood panels and found window screens, gone is the scraping away of paint layers and gone is the identity of some specific imaginary character. In their stead is a serious examination of what lies within and behind the generation of a painting.


Kate Brown
visual artist


TRACTORLIPS oil/panel 10” x 12” 2000



GRINDER oil/panel 10” x 12” 2000


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